EC (Сент-Джулианс)

This summer I spent 3 weeks in Malta and I was having an incredible time with EC school there. I met cool people around the world. There were Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary , Slovakia, France and exc. Of course, there were a lot of Russian students, with whom I have fantastic relationship nowadays, too. The school was brilliant: modern two buildings with school canteen and computer rooms. Also the school have free wifi, so I was very happy to know it, really. But one of the best memories were our leaders! They were teaching us different things, we had a lot of fun at the parties and everywhere. And the main reason, why I am proud of them is that the leaders helped us to understand that we are all the same, we are one. Actually, I was very disappointed that I didn't try local food at all. I hoped that I will try some new Maltese dishes and drinks or learn something new about it, because we had to spend our meals particularly in Burger King or McDonald's. I was sad, actually. But I was glad to learn about Maltese culture and the history of this small country. Anyway, in spite of some disadvantages I am very happy about this trip. And I advise every student who haven't been there before to visit Malta and enjoy your holiday with hardworking EC school!

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EC (Сент-Джулианс)


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